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Graeme Bartlett            David Blackett

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1996 -Metal Skills was purchased by Graeme Bartlett as an existing business. Soon after he was joined by his brother in-law Dave Blackett and armed with not much more than their best woolen jerseys, a dedicated crew of 6 individuals and a lot of ambition they set about revolutionizing the way production sheet metal was manufactured in New Zealand.

1997- A landmark year for Metal Skills. This purchase of the Amada Alpha 1 would cement the future direction the company would take. With the laser cutter on board the Felix Street premises was soon becoming a confined space and plans were made for a new facility.

1999 - The new Offenhauser Drive site was completed. With an increase in floor space and the business continuing to grow rapidly the factory soon got filled up with some of the most state of the art sheet metal processing equipment available. This included an additional laser cutter to compliment the original Alpha, two turret punches, robot welding equipment as well as several press brakes and a panel folder.

2001 - Offenhauser Drive premises was extended to keep pace with the expansion of business but by mid 2007 with staff levels at 38 and a factory ready to burst at the seams the decision was made to repeat history and construct a new facility that would provide some well overdue additional floor space. 

2008 - Metal Skills moved to its current location at 100 Lady Ruby Drive. This state of art building covers 6200m2 and is a commitment to our further growth and expansion. Our philosophy has always been constant improvement and development. This includes regular updates of machinery and providing our staff with surroundings and facilities that are second to none.

We pride ourselves on offering innovative manufacturing solutions supplied to the highest quality at competitive prices. With the combination of talented staff and cutting edge sheet metal processing equipment we have the capacity to handle specialized and custom work through to large volume production runs.