Salvagnini P4 Panel Folder

The revolution in Sheet Metal Folding is here!! Our Salvagnini P4 Panel Folder is unmatched in speed and consistency for folding sheet metal parts.It's made us think differently about how we fold metal and has removed the barriers that have previously made things seem impossible to fold with the speed that we can now.

Click below and see it in action and keep in mind demo 1 completes 46 folds in 56 seconds!! Insane!!


Cidan Panel Folder... 

We folded these parts up on our Cidan Panel Folder. Rather than having to make in three separate pieces and weld the ends in, the panel folder allowed us to fold the part up out of one piece of stainless steel. Saving welding time and a reduction in costs all with a safety edge on the top edge and an overall height of 250mm. Our customer was stoked !!! 

                                    Panel Folder Perf Box

Some Cool Laser Cutting...

We had a dude come see us about getting some tricky laser cutting done. After getting let down by a couple of people who didnt want to touch it we said we would give it a crack. Vas and Alan put in some hard work and we think the end result looked pretty cool.

           Hi Def Laser Cutting

September 2014