We love making stuff out of Metal, it’s as easy as that.  From the beginning it’s always been about how we can make things better using creative ideas and awesome technology and have some fun while we are doing it. We want our customers to look at their ideas come to life and be blown away by the end result. That’s what makes us happy.

From sharing an idea all the way through to delivering your parts we want you to know that you will be getting the best. It’s important to us that we can supply you with finished parts.  We don’t want you running around having to sorting out additional processes like powder coating, this just wastes your valuable time. That’s what we have set ourselves up to take care of these things so you don’t have to. We’re proud to say we have some of the best people and best technology around and it's all housed in our awesome 6200m2 facility.

Take a look and find out how we go about making the good stuff happen…

Lady Ruby Drive

Lady Ruby Drive Factory 2 500px.jpg