We have invested in our technology so we can offer you something different, sure we have our conventional press brakes that will do all the usual things but we want to offer some different options to benefit  you.

Were proud to own the first Salvagnini P4 Panel Folder in New Zealand. This machine has completely changed the way we look at folding sheet metal parts now. The setup times are minimal, the changeover between different jobs is virtually nil and the speed of this machine is insane!  Check it out below and keep in mind it's doing 46 folds in 56 seconds!!!

We also have a Cidan Panel Folder that has some specialized extended length tooling. This helps us fold parts without the two additional folds that conventional press brake needs to achieve the same result. 
All this saves time and costs, which can only be a good thing.The part in the image below has been done with two folds only! As you can see it's incredibly narrow but extremely deep.

Got some sheet metal parts that are 4000mm long and they need folding? No problems, our FBD 200 can handle up to 4100mm so don’t waste time putting joins in parts and have to weld them up later. We can cut them on our laser in one piece and then fold them on the FBD.



          Panel Folder 1 Panel Folder 2
                                           Folding done on our Cidan Panel Folder