What We Need From You

If you’re sending us your own files then we need some help from you!!

We want to process your orders as fast as possible and with minimal hold ups but we need you to check a few things before you fire them through to us.  
Keep in mind what’s mentioned below enables us to get moving on your parts without having to slow down to fix things up or go back to you.  It’s just going to help us make them faster!!

We need files to arrive to us in the following format:

  • DXF (preferred) or DWG at 1:1 Scale (This is critical)
  • PDF with all critical dimensions and tolerances indicated and relevant information detailed.
  • All profiles are line type(continuous)
  • All curves need to be made up of arcs not heaps of short lines.
  • If you have more than one part for us to cut please put them on separate files.
  • All cutting parameters need to be on one layer
  • All lines and arcs need to intersect properly, a fast way to check is convert the profile into a polyline and if that baby joins up then we are good to go!

Take the time ,check your files out before sending and help us to get your parts to you faster!!